The Natural Park of Urkiola

Durango is only about 8 km from the Natural Park of Urkiola, an area of outstanding natural beauty and of great geographical importance.

The name Urkiola means "the place of the birch trees". Surrounded by stunning landscapes, in contrast to its rugged limestone peaks, the Park is a place of continuous pilgrimage and a favourite of those who want to withdraw to a wonderful natural environment.

The mountains are a great attraction for mountaineers of all sorts as well as ramblers. Anboto, the highest peak, is very popular, giving the more adventurous the chance to visit, on the north face, the Cave of Mari, the dwelling of The Lady of Anboto, as recounted in Basque mythology.

There are many trails, on foot or on mountain bike, which start off in Durango and traverse the greater Durango area, and also those recommended by the Park: those routes signposted GR or PR, those of a didactic character, those specific to the Park. These are fully explained in leaflets available from Toki Alai, which is the Interpretative Centre of the Park.

In Urkiola itself, surrounded by woods comprising beech, ash and birch, we will find the Sanctuary of San Antonio Abad, patron of animals with feast day on the 17th of January, and that of San Antonio de Padua, whose feast day is the 13th of June.

There are many other places of interest in the area around the Sanctuary.

The escarpments of Astxiki and Untzillatx are the perfect place for climbing and offer infinite possibilities for rambling and rock climbing in the famous Atxarte School(escuela de Atxarte).

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The Natural Park of Urkiola

The Natural Park of Urkiola
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Urkiola Natural Park, routes and trails in Vizcaya - País Vasco